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About Regal Industries
Regal Industries (RI) was founded in 1982 after identifying a need in the marketplace for a reliable manufacturer. RI offers high-strength pulverizer replacement parts utilizing heat treated materials, high-performance alloys, and wear resistant compounds.

Our Facilities
RI occupies a large, fully integrated facility 30 miles east of Cleveland in Painesville, Ohio. We provide warehousing, fulfillment and engineering all under one roof, conveniently located near major highways, railways and waterways.

Industries Served
Regal Industries sells pulverizer replacement parts, supplies MRO materials and provides custom alloys. Main industries served are power-generation, cement manufacturing, chemical producers, paper mills, refineries, hydro power plants and specialty industrial customers.

Greater Return on Your Investment
RI replacement parts last an average of 1520% longer than OEMs, significantly reducing your replacement expenditures. We provide expert engineering assistance to ensure that you get the greatest return on your parts investment.

Engineering Expertise
RI engineers are experts in the field with a combined 75 years of experience. Our specialists have advanced the use of high tech alloys for improved wear and corrosion resistance.

Along with extensive knowledge of reverse engineering, RI offers custom and experimental castings designed completely to your specs, to any requested angle. Custom designed components include:

  • Nuts and bolts made from corrosion, heat and wear resistant materials
  • Coal spreaders and complete coal spreader assemblies
  • Roof fired boiler castings

Products Offered
RI pulverizer replacement parts include assemblies, bolts, bushings, classifiers, gears, housings, hubs, journal heads, keepers, locknuts, nuts, oil pumps, rolls, screws, shafts, skirts, spacers, springs, stuffing boxes, thrust plates, trunnion end caps and retainers, wear parts, yokes and more.
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RI chemical plant replacement parts include centrifuge parts, pipe coils, drive shafts, furnace pusher plates, grounding rings, knife blades, nuts and bolts, pelletizing screws, pipe fabrications, polished valve stems, rolled rings, stainless valves and stop shafts, test cells, trays, wear plates and more.
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Help When You Need it
Reducing or eliminating downtime is critical to your success andprofitability. We maintain a large stock of parts ready to ship at a moment's notice.
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