Regal Industries Inc. moving into 2024 with a bang.

As we approach our 5th decade, we continue our dedicated service to our customers.

The past 10-15 years have brought an enormous amount of change to the utility and chemical industries. We are committed to providing JIT delivery when necessary, yearly stocking programs, and taking other measures to keep our customers’ overhead low.

Over 95% of our products are completely domestically sourced. Regal uses and provides as much reusable and recyclable shipping materials as possible. We also use ONLY domestic-made shipping crates and supplies. Regal is a woman-owned small business and fully supports “Made in the USA”.

We are here to provide consistent service and quality products to our customers.  Our strength lies in our ability to think independently and oftentimes provide a simple, common sense solution. Call Regal if you are having a repeat problem with a material, a process or a part.  We can solve the problem in a cost effective, efficient manner.  


Welcome to Regal Industries, your premier supplier of pulverizer replacement parts that outperform the originals. We are committed to minimizing or eliminating your downtime through quick service, a large inventory, and high quality parts.

Turn to Regal Industries for the quality, value, service
and support you deserve.

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